Saint John Rentals

Saint John island of US Virgin Islands is located about 4 miles east of Saint Thomas and also 4 miles southwest of Tortola island which is part of the British Virgin Islands. The land area of Saint John is about 16.61 miles squared or 50.8 kilometers squared. According to the 2010 census, the island has a population of 4,170 residents. Saint Thomas is a beautiful island with about 60% of which is protected by the Virgin Islands National Park.

Saint John is a great location in USVI to rent a villa or apartment. You can enjoy beautiful nature of the Virgin Islands National Park, and  take a ferry to Saint Thomas or Saint Croix. There are villas on the island to fit any budget from exclusive luxury villas to smaller villas that give you a home away from home feel.

Renting a villa on Saint John is very easy and typically you are renting directly from the owners. Many villas are available right on the beach while others can be more secluded surrounded by nature. You can also rent a villa with private beach and land area so you can be away from anyone else and enjoy complete privacy.

For those that are budget conscious or want a long term rental, Saint John offers an array of charming and inviting apartment rentals are very reasonable prices.

Saint John is the most affluent of all the United States Virgin Islands. The moniker ‘Beverley Hills of the Caribbean’ is often used for this island. It attracts a lot of celebrities every year, which has resulted in rental prices being much higher on this island as compared to the other islands.

The rentals available here mostly have more than three bedrooms. Villas, houses and cottages are found abundantly here. A few condos may be found in certain places. Apartments and flats are seen almost nowhere on Saint John.

Saint John is much smaller than Saint Croix and Saint Thomas and two thirds of it owned by the National Park, so the location of the rentals matter very, very little on Saint John. However, some regions are conspicuously pricier than others.

Beachfront rentals
The choicest location for beachfront rentals is the famous Cruz Bay of Saint John. This is the most populous area on the island. The beachfront properties in this region open directly on the Cruz Bay and can cost as much as $700 to $1000 per day. However, many cheaper penthouses and condos are also present in this region.

The Coral Bay, Chocolate Hole, Dever’s Bay and Dilteff point also have some stunning beachfront rentals. These average about $600 to $800 per day.

Beach view rentals
Beach view rentals provide a view of the beach as opposed to opening on it. The most popular regions for beach view rentals are the Coral bay, the Fish Bay, Dever’s bay and the Cinnamon bay. On Saint John, the most commonly found beach view rentals are villas and houses. Although a few condos and bed and breakfasts may also be found.

The average per day cost for beach view rentals on Saint John is about $300 to $400.

Oceanfront rentals
Oceanfront rentals are also called waterfront rentals.

The key location for oceanfront rentals on Saint John are Cruz bay, Chocolate hole and the Rendezvous bay. These locations have same coasts lines that are not beaches. Oceanfront rentals are just as relaxing if not more than beachfront and beach view rentals. They are much more serene and peaceful.

Such places are quite affordable at $200 to $300 per day, but during holiday seasons, these prices skyrocket!

Ocean view rentals
Such properties are found all over Saint John. Due to this island’s small size, almost any place on it will invariably have an ocean view! But some of the villas in the interiors of Saint John are simply magnificent. Most of them have internet and cable TV connections and pools to make up for the absence of the ocean. And being not all that far away from the waterfront, such locations can be lovely to stay in when on vacation.

Lake view rentals
A few lake view rentals are available on Coral bay. These do not face an actual lake, only a small region of the Coral bay itself. But they are very charming and very cheap at $130 to $160 per night.

Mountain view rentals
Most of Saint John is taken up by the National Park and this where the mountain ranges of Saint John are. Thus, most of the mountain view rentals are found on the Coral Bay, Peter bay and Cruz bay. Most of these are villas and cottages.

The price range of mountain view rentals is $200 to $600 per day.

Ski rentals
During the winter season, skiing is a sought after activity on the island of Saint John. The ski rentals are located mostly in the Coral Bay region. They are expensive during the cold seasons and their prices drop drastically in summer.

The rentals of Saint John vary in their prices substantially during the holiday and off seasons. But they are still some of the most expensive among all of the US Virgins Islands and also the Caribbean Islands in general.